Pool Service Plans

All Service Plans Include:

  • Checking of chemical balance & solutions to water chemistry.
  • Chemicals checked each visit include: Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Phosphates, Cynaric Acid Level, Salt Levels, Calcium & Dissolved Solids.
  • Check for proper operation of pumps, filter, heater, automatic cleaner, salt systems and all other important ?????
  • (When needed) Power Vacuum, Portable Vacuum or Leaf Master
  • Net and vacuum when needed
  • Scrub the tile and brush the pool walls
  • Backwash filter
  • Empty skimmer, pump baskets & cleaner bags
  • Check for plumbing leaks, operational valves, actuators and proper configurations
  • Check swimming pool and spa lights and gfci's
  • Check automated controls & timers
  • Check condition of swimming pool deck, coping & tile
  • Check condition of swimming pool surface
  • Check for proper electrical wiring and components
  • Check to make sure all pool jets are moving in appropriate directions
  • Change operations of hours for equipment depending on times of the year
  • Once per month pool water is digitally analyzed using state-of-the-art mobile equipment
  • Data will be compiled, archived and emailed to you in month-end pool summary. This removes any and all variables and guesswork to ensure the absolute best water chemistry and balance. This can replace our other "drop test" analysis on weekly basis at ????

Add-on Services

Filter Clean (D.E./Cartridge) $99.00

Sand Filter Clean $179.00

Salt Cell Clean $99.00


Weekly Full Service Plan 

Recommended Plan

Chemicals used vary dramatically from season to season due to usage, foliage, number of people swimming, animals, etc. Given we are the only known service provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to include a digital water analysis on a monthly basis, you will know exactly what is required to maintain a healthy, clean and clear pool and be assured there is NO incentive to save operator money by skimping on needed chemicals.

Weekly Convenience Plan

Chemicals are included in cost.

Twice-a-Week Service

Depending on the season, some pools require a twice-a-week service. For example, a pool surrounded by trees will require more ????baskets, pump baskets, cleaners, pool surface and pool bottoms to be cleaned and netted in-between our normal weekly service. This can be done by you, the pool owner, or you can have us do it.